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Learn about the Siberian Cat’s History, Health and other interesting facts.

The Loveable Siberian Cat

The Siberian is a natural breed native to Russia. It is an ancient breed that originated over one thousand years ago. It is believed that Siberians once lived in Russian monasteries and were kept as pets by the monks. They were first imported to the US in 1990.

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The Siberian is a longhaired cat with a thick, dense and protective coat. This coat is triple layered with all hairs being of equal length. Surrounding the head is an abundant ruff. The Siberian build is sturdy and one of great heft, but they acquire this gradually as they grow into adults. In fact, it takes about five years for them to reach maturity. They retain kitten like qualities into adulthood. The overall appearance is one of great strength, power and size, but with a sweet facial expression. Even though they are large, they are extremely agile and like to leap to high places.

Siberian cats have a unique tail. It reminds me of a squirrel’s tail as they carry it up in the air. The sounds they make are also unique to the Siberian. It is like a chirping or trilling sound. Once they get attached to you, they will follow you around the house, and even bring you a toy to share.